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Scientists now predict that approximately 10 million species will be extinct by the year 2050. It has a pair of separate, tubular nostrils They are about six mm in length and usually project outwards above the mouth. Another contributing factor to its rapid decline is the destruction of its reef habitat. Some experts believe that a small herd may still be located in the island of Masbate although it is not confirmed. Distinguishing FeaturesThis colorful bird is also the second most critically endangered species of hornbill in the world. The most dangerous animal in the Philippines is the Philippine Crocodile (Buwaya). Frog-faced Soft Shell Turtle (Pelochelys cantorii). Due to these factors, IUCN has placed them in the red list as an endangered species. There are natural reserves and other protected areas at natural parks like Mt. Some call it the Strawberry clam, Bear Paw, and also the Horse's Hoof. Mainly because of urban planning, corporate progress and human greed, some of its animals are soon to be extinct. Distinguishing FeaturesThe Philippine forest turtle is known by several other names such as the Leyte pond turtle, the Palawan turtle, and Philippine pond turtle. The main threat to this species is the destruction of the lowland forest areas caused by residential and agricultural developments. The mature population of Sei whales has seen a huge decline, up to 80 percent, since the days of commercial whaling, which why it is included on the IUCN's red list as an endangered species. Another threat to this species is the continual degradation of its natural forest habitat. It’s one of the non-profit groups that helped bring RA 8485 into law in 1998. How can mankind be so cruel?. An adult Dobsomia chapmani will measure anywhere from 218 mm to 221 mm in length, from the tip of its notes to its tail. Russet Batomys or Dinagat Hairy-Tailed Rat (Batomys russatus), Its plumage is more uniform than other species in its family. Distinguishing FeaturesThe average length of this bat's forelimb is at 139.5 cm. It has a pair of small eyes that are located near the tip of its mouth and a broad head. I am a graduate of zoo and would ike find out where can I get some of these exotic animals and perhaps take care of them . The male birds of this species have a black head with a lot of bright red feathers on their mantle and back. Even though this species of coral is widespread across different territorial waters, the chances of finding it is slim. The pigs are cute, too. Renew their horns every year! The current population size of this species is currently unknown. Locally known as Mindoro crocodiles, they are endemic in the Philippines. They can swim up to 31 miles per hour or around 27 knots, but they can only maintain that speed for short distances. Distinguishing FeaturesThis forest frog have been observed laying eggs and living in screw pines. They have distinctly shorter legs compared to other buffalo species. They can be found in Tawi-tawi, Papahag, Bubuan, Butinian, and Jolo islands. Distinguishing FeaturesThis deer can only be found in the Calamian Islands in the Palawan Province. The largest recorded carapace is about 51 inches in length. Experts attribute illegal hunting and dynamite fishing to the decline of the Philippine freshwater crocodile. The heaviest recorded Frog-face soft shell turtle is 220 lbs. More studies and surveys are needed to ascertain its distribution and abundance. It is characterized by a brown and white feather pattern and bushy crest, and is believed to be one of the largest and most powerful birds on Earth. Suite à cet incident, je me suis posé la question suivante : quels sont les animaux, insectes et bestioles diverses qui peuvent être dangereux pour l’homme, parfois même mortels, aux Philippines. The IUCN includes this bird species on its red list and classifies it as an endangered species. Estimates show that the largest adults of this species can weigh up to 80 kg. Gone are the wild elephants, rhinoceroses, and tigers of the Philippines. There is a current need to educate locals when it comes to the difference between the small Philippine freshwater crocodile and the saltwater crocodiles that also inhabit the same area. It also has light green spots in the same area. Locals tend to hunt the smaller and endangered local crocodile species without realizing the damage they are causing. Hazel's forest frog is endemic to Negros Island as well as to the island of Masbate. Due to the low population of this species, it has been included on the IUCN red list. The Palawan bearded pig or known in the region as as the “baboy damo” is still commonly sighted in a few areas of Palawan island but it has been classified as near threatened as its population is declining because of hunting and habitat loss due to agriculture, logging and urban development. It also has a red bill and its legs are also reddish. Its topside and underside are essentially the same. The Philippine freshwater crocodile is quite small compared to other crocodiles, growing to about four and a half to five feet long and weighing approximately 15 kg. Detailed monitoring is necessary to ensure the protection of this type of turtle. The demand for farm lands as well as residential lots is increasing in the Philippines, to the detriment of many native animals. "It has a very big impact because most of our fish are exported to China, also Singapore and Hong Kong. It was categorized as a separate species in 1998 and is known only because of two specimens that were collected back in 1975. In 1996, the IUCN proclaimed that the species was extinct, but revoked the classification in 2000 when a small group was sighted. The edges of these wings are wavy with a light green coloration. It inhabits the lowland forests on the islands tropic and subtropic areas. Its undersides are dark brown with white bands on the outer edges. Distinguishing FeaturesThis heron has a wing span that can reach up to 47 cm. There is an estimated range of about 3 to 5.5 clutches for every female found of this species, equaling an estimated 36,000 to 67,000 nesting females every year. Each ear also has short, brown hairs. These doves are often found flying solo but at times can be found in pairs. They usually weigh from 125 to 143 grams. Current data shows that there are species that have been found inhabiting the islands of Mindanao, Samar, Bohol, and Leyte. Local wildlife groups and conservationists are poorly funded and face very little support from government. Philippines - Philippines - Plant and animal life: Although many of the mountain regions and some of the lowlands remain heavily forested, the country’s forests have been shrinking rapidly for decades. An adult Panay cloudrunner can grow up to 600 mm in length. It is more or less an attractive mouse species. To add insult to injury, some local fishermen still practice destructive fishing methods like using cyanide and dynamite. The feathers on its underparts are also yellowish. It's sad that we don't take care of Mother Nature. Other distinct features include the two black lines found behind their eyes, thick lips, and a hump that looks like its forehead. Asian Palm Civet. Its upper parts are dark-brownish in color while is undersides are reddish and pale. It includes Vulnerable (VU), Endangered (EN), Critically Endangered (CR), and recently Extinct (EX) species. On the upside, as a result of strict and successful nest-guarding programs in the Central Panay Mountain Range, poaching has decreased by 95 percent. Male Sulu hornbills have cream colored irises while females have dark brown. Hawksbills are vegetarian and adults are usually found feeding in coral reef areas. It also has wing coverts that are edged in bronze feathers. Its color is brownish though some doves of this species may also have a matte grey hue. It primarily inhabits montane forests in regions that are tropical and subtropical. The critically endangered Tamaraw, also known as the Mindoro dwarf water buffalo, is considered the most threatened mammal in the Philippines. A full-grown adult can grow to as big as four feet (ft) tall and can weigh as much as nine kilograms (kg). They are usually 27 cm long. Due to a number of threats, the populations of this fish are in a decline. Its ears are heavily pigmented and round. Philippine Mouse-Deer. They are known disease carriers, meaning even if you have to handle them, you still need to get properly vaccinated. The Philippine Mouse-Deer also known as the Pilandok is local to the island of Palawan. An adult frog is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. They usually live in deep offshore waters, oceans, and other adjoining bodies of water. In 1988, it was added to the list of animals in threat of extinction. The tips may even have a bit of brown on them. This bat species is endemic to the islands of Cebu as well as in Sibuyan and Negros and is known locally as the Bayakan. The primary threat to this unique is the massive loss of its natural habitat. First evolved 100 million years ago! Distinguishing FeaturesVery little is known of the Limbless worm skink. Experts estimate that there is still a global decline in their population's numbers among those in the southern hemisphere. The destruction of primary forests in Negros and Panay provinces for the purposes of agriculture, timber and producing charcoal is much to blame for their near extinction. Fossils of these animals were also found in North America and Europe. Just like other species in its family, Walden's hornbill also has that distinct bony casque atop its bill. The skin color of this turtle ranges from different hues of yellow to brown. This is why it is vulnerable to illegal wildlife trade. Its body is about 10.4 in (measuring from its nose to its rear, excluding the tail). Its diet consists of fish, mollusks, and crustaceans. They can weigh as much as 191 tons and stretch up to 98 feet long. The general anti-cruelty and duty of care provisions in section 6 of the Animal Welfare Act of 1998 apply to this category of animals. Endangered Marine Animals in the Philippines International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) 9 Categories: Least Concern, Near Threatened, Vulnerable, Endangered, Critically Endangered, Extinct in the Wild, Extinct A species is considered endangered when its members are Because of this, the Mindoro tree frog has been included on the IUCN red list and is classified as an endangered species. The usual diet of these animals include an assortment of leaves, papayas, corn, guavas, bananas, and other fruits. The feathers on its under parts have a rusty look, especially when you inspect its belly. Eco Warrior Princess uses affiliate links. Calavite Wildlife Sanctuary (MCWS) in Mindoro. Of the 179 snake species that have made the Philippines their official home, only 14 are poisonous and pose harm to man. Reports claim this species can grow up to six feet in length. This species of deer is on the endangered species list since it occurs in less than 5,000 square km of its natural habitat. The Philippines had a large and diverse group of mammalian species in the past. Various legislations have been passed protecting the Philippine eagle, but such laws have been poorly enforced, thus the continued decline in the eagle's numbers. Females do not have a scarlet mantle of feathers on their backs, like their male counterparts. This belief was in large part due to the destruction of almost all of the island's forests. This type of pigeon is endemic to the islands of Negros and Panay in the Philippines and is one of the many critically endangered pigeon species in the country listed by the IUCN. This species of water snake is endemic to the Bicol Peninsula. The males tend to have brighter colored feathers than the females. Philippines Endangered Animals Essay Sample. Of course, the most notorious of these is the deadly Philippine Cobra, an animal you would not want to mess with. Its head does not have the familiar crest of fur that is present in other members of its family. The Kalaw is endemic to the Philippine islands of Panay and Negros, although it can also be found in other regions of the country such as Zamboanga del Norte in Mindanao. See more ideas about animals, philippines, pet birds. That is a combined total from all 10 subpopulations. When their tentacles have extended, the colonies eventually turn into a field that is beautifully golden brown in color. This species is nocturnal and can be found nesting in the hollows of trees. Also called the Philippine bare-backed fruit bat, these are large bats found in the caves of Negros Island in the Philippines. I sincerely hope it works - it's a beautiful bird. These bats are nonaggressive towards humans. Distinguishing FeaturesThe shell of this type of clam is pretty hard and quite thick. Her poison turned the Philippines to below poverty line. Distinguishing FeaturesThe wingspan of this butterfly ranges from 11 to 12 cm. Deforestation and agricultural land clearing are the main causes of the reduction of their population and habitat. A wide variety of the planet's animal species call the Philippines home. : The Trump Administration’s Environmental Policy Part 1, Future Design Series: Sustainable Food Packaging Alternatives to Plastic - Eco Warrior Princess. Unlike the typical land turtle, this marine turtle has a flattened body shape and limbs shaped like flippers for hydrodynamic efficiency when swimming. The bird's bill is black as well as the skin around its eye. It has a long bushy tail and the rest of its body is covered in greyish brown colored fur. The Tawitawi brown dove is currently threatened by habitat loss although surveys have shown the damage has been reduced significantly in past years. Going to be demolished to elimination and being lessened to however a couple sets. This is a migratory species of sea turtles. Its greatest threat today is habitat loss. An adult deer can weigh as much as 85 kg. The entire body of this frog is covered in a camouflage pattern of different shades of brown. Trading of freshwater crocodiles is prohibited by law as it’s estimated that just 250 are remain in the wild. Plus la distance est grande, moins ils connaissent et plus c’est dangereux (car le Philippin voyage très peu, voir pas du tout et souvent ne connait pas la géographie de son pays). On top of that, it is also highly susceptible to coral bleaching. One of the culprits is unreported, unregulated, and even outright illegal fishing. Because of this, the dove has been reclassified as "endangered" from its previous classification of "critically endangered.". It also has golden brown fur. Distinguishing FeaturesThis species of deer is comparatively small with its short legs. Let’s get this straight; extinction is a part of the cycle of life. The tail on this animal is short. Its population continues to decrease to this day because of ongoing deforestation and excessive hunting for its meat and the exotic pet blackmarket. Never miss our posts. This turtle species was categorized as an endangered species back in 1996. It goes with the natural process of evolution. It would be great if this could be shared to larger audience. If you like our site, think our work is important and want to pledge your support, you can pledge a donation through Patreon. Conservation RationaleThe IUCN has the Philippine eagle on its red list of critically endangered animals due to several factors. The Loggerhead turtle is included in the IUCN red list as a species that is vulnerable to extinction. It can be found in much of the Pacific Ocean and in the waters of the Solomon Islands. Because of this and other factors, this frog species has been included on the IUCN red list as an endangered frog species. Due to this population trend, it has been included in the IUCN red list as an endangered species. A black patch of feathers marks its ear coverts. This is because its habitat is considered very limited. Distinguishing FeaturesIts most distinct feature–its tubular nose–is also the reason for its name. In my childhood, I adopted a puppy that changed my life and attitude towards animals—I have since become a lifelong animal lover. They are known to be on a steady decline caused by illegal hunting. These herons have yellow skin on the outer layers of their eyes and a wide beak. With its highly hostile territorial behavior, the Philippine forest turtle does not thrive naturally when in captivity. Conservation International, a nonprofit environmentalist group founded in 1987, recognizes the Philippines as one of only 17 mega-diverse countries in the world. The bat sports a whitish streak beginning from its head and running down its back. Its vertebral scutes have a rather gingko shape. Because of the limited region where the Katsuri resides, it has been included in the IUCN red list and classified as critically endangered. John Miele is a Citizen of the World, having spent time in many locations around the globe. The Walden hornbill, however, has a reddish-orange colored casque and it appears sort of wrinkled. The IUCN includes this frog species on its red list under the "near threatened" category. It was established due to the threat to the island’s high population of sea turtles who visit hear to feed on the abundance of sea grass off the shores. It is a species of freshwater turtle that can be found in the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries. Distinguishing FeaturesSei whales can reach up to 64 feet in length and can weigh as much as 28 tons. It is surprisingly agile when it flies across the sky. But the effects of that are starting to appear. Another threat comes from the locals themselves, who illegally hunt the crocodiles. Due to illegal settlement, logging, road construction, developing and other human activities, the remaining forests in Cebu are dwindling and the population of the Cebu Flowerpecker is rapidly decreasing. Another unique feature is the black lines on the covert feathers of its wings. However, they used to be found in other neighboring islands in the country such as Samar, Masbate, Leyte, Guimaras, and Cebu. It is a ground-dwelling pigeon that has a characteristically short tail. Only the captive-bred crocodiles are allowed for farming. This species is carnivorous and an ambush predator. They are larger than Sei whales, but smaller than blue whales. According to current trends, there are around 200,000 clutches laid each year. Males have fewer red spots than females. The largest specimen ever recorded weighed 1,000 lbs. Then please support Eco Warrior Princess on Patreon! Considered a medium-sized reptile, they can grow up to three feet in length and weigh up to 180 lbs. The Philippine freshwater crocodile is quite small compared to other crocodiles, growing to about four and a half to five feet long and weighing approximately 15 kg. It also has a characteristic striped tail. I did an article on the Philippine Eagle - they have made it the national bird in hopes of keeping it from going extinct, similar to our Bald Eagle in America. This land mammal is also in the IUCN's list of critically endangered species in the Philippines. The other factors that contributed to the rapid population decline include hunting and illegal wildlife trade. This is a list of threatened plant and animal species in the Philippines as classified by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Philippine Freshwater Crocodile (Crocodylus mindorensis) Locally known as Mindoro crocodiles, they are endemic in the Philippines. Mighty and dangerous may the Philippine Crocodile be, its hide is a prized catch, an expensive material for fashion accessories (e.g., bags, shoes). These birds make shrieking and cackling calls in a patterned intervals. Once ubiquitous in the central Philippines, especially in the island of Cebu, the pig can now only be found on two islands: Panay and Negros. The IUCN classifies the Luzon Island endemic Flame-breasted fruit dove as vulnerable. Conservation RationaleThis turtle species is currently on the IUCN's red list as an endangered species. Female species have rather dull colored feathers though they exhibit the same patterns seen on males. The ears also exhibit the same white markings on the tips. Address: 2365 Singalong Street , Malate, Manila. This turtle is also known as Cantor's giant softshell. It also has yellow feathers in the undertail coverts. Philippine Eagle is now a critically endangered species. Another issue is that there are local fishermen who do not know about the vulnerable state of the fish or that catching them is prohibited. The Cebu Flowerpecker is so rare that it has only been found in two areas in Cebu. However, unlike the other species included in its family, this one tends to be smaller and a lot stockier. But now the population has been reduced to about 200, with many being carefully bred in captivity. They have almost been driven to extinction because of the loss of their natural homes due to deforestation, chromite mining, and excessive hunting. Distinguishing FeaturesThe Philippine naked-backed fruit bat is one of the species of mega-bat that are endemic to the country. This species belongs to a family of large saltwater clams, specifically the giant clam family, which is why the locals just call it the giant clam. In the1990s it was classified as critically endangered. It also has one divided rear upper labial. These birds are listed by the IUCN as critically endangered because of illegal trapping by poachers hoping to make a profit selling them to private collectors and pet enthusiasts. Most plant and animal species last around 10 million years before disappearing. Her writing nook is a make shift aquarium stand with a wooden board on top that is stacked with literature, a bottle of absinthe and photos of her kids. Il en sera de même pour toutes les villes et quartiers des Philippines. Current population estimates range from 1,000 birds all the way up to 2,499. Apo Island is located 7 kilometres to the south of the Philippines Negros Island. Some of can also be found in Maripipi Island, Dinagat Island, and Siargao Island. Mega-diverse countries are nations that shelter the bulk of Earth's animal and plant life. This type of cloud rat is indigenous to Dinagat Island in the Philippines. Watch trailers & learn more. Sei whales are the third largest whale species in the world. Now, small population concentrations of this species are bred in captivity. Whaling operations ceased in the 1970s. Flame-Templed Babbler (Dasycrotapha speciose). It also has the ability to mimic the human voice, which makes it a highly valued pet. Top 5 Most Endangered Species in the Philippines - In the event that creation began with a couple of all-stripped Adam and Eve that was messed up with a talking snake, then certain species in the Philippines are gradually drawing closer that point in their presence.

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