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President Sisi was sworn into office on 8 June 2014. [68] The accompanying article noted "Sisi's success reflected the genuine popularity of a man who led what was essentially a military coup in July against the democratically elected government of then President Mohammed Morsi." On 19-11-1954 Abdel Fattah el-Sisi (nickname: Saeed Hussein) was born in Cairo, Egypt. After the Egyptian revolution of 2011 and election of Mohamed Morsi to the Egyptian presidency, Sisi was appointed Minister of Defence by Morsi on 12 August 2012, replacing the Mubarak-era Hussein Tantawi. Scorpio is one of the most misunderstood signs of the zodiac because of its incredible passion and power. [40], Mass demonstrations occurred on 30 June 2013 as tens of millions of Egyptians took to the streets to denounce Mohamed Morsi. Mini-bus and taxi fares were raised by about 13 percent. [90] Sisi's oath of office was administered in the morning in Egypt's Supreme constitutional court in front of the deputy head of the constitutional court, Maher Sami, who described el-Sisi as a "rebel soldier" and a "revolutionary hero"; ex-president Adly Mansour; other constitutional court members; and a group of Egypt's top politicians. He is nicknamed "Al-Shatter Hassan", an Arabic fairy tale character of an unusually clever boy whose nomadic adventures bring him to imaginary experiences with birds and legends. [99] [100] Coinciding with Sisi's visit an Arabic hashtag that translates to "you are a leader, Sisi" has been tweeted 14,486 times, and the hashtag "Sisi in the Cathedral" has been tweeted 3,609 times accompanied with pictures of a cross and a crescent symbolising the national unity. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, then Prime Minister, was the only leader to call Morsi's ouster as a coup, calling for the immediate release of Morsi and insisting he is the legitimate president of Egypt. ’nin oğlu 2020 yılında siyasetçi olarak President of Egypt ile ünlüdür. On 27 January 2014, he was promoted to the rank of field marshal. [121] Sisi, on his part, said that the idler would be held accountable and promised to partially solve the economic crisis by August 2015, and that, beginning with December that year, the crisis will be dealt with entirely. Sisi also visited Russia as an Egyptian President at the invitation of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Babası Hüseyin Halil el Sisi’dir. President el-Sisi is visiting Washington for bilateral talks with President Trump. [62], The anti-Morsi demonstrators on the streets welcomed el-Sisi's announcement of the overthrow of Morsi with celebrations and carried posters of el-Sisi, chanting "The Army and the People are one hand" and supporting General el-Sisi. [111] Egypt also paid more than $6 billion it owed to foreign oil companies within two months. Meet Mrs. Sisi and Mrs. Sabbahi", "What Egypt's President Sisi Really Thinks", "Egypt's path from autocracy to revolution—and back again", "The four traits Sisi, Hitler and Mussolini have in common", "President's eldest son, Mahmoud al-Sisi, sidelined from powerful intelligence position to diplomatic mission in Russia", "A few things you might like to know about us", "Plainclothes security raid Mada Masr office for several hours, detain 3 including Chief Editor Lina Attalah", "Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed bestows 'Order of Zayed' on Egypt president", "German opera ball in trouble for honoring Egyptian president", "Guest commentary: Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi — No beacon of hope, no bridge builder", Egyptian Armed Forces Commander-in-chief CV, El-Sisi is the new commander-in-chief of the Egyptian armed forces, Khalid bin Khalifa bin Abdul Aziz Al Thani, Chairpersons of the Organisation of African Unity. El-Sisi was the youngest member of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces of Egypt. Tags: Egypt Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi MEMRI. Seventy-three percent said that fuel has become regularly available since Sisi's election. Abdel Fattah el … Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, who announced the overthrow of Morsi, then became the leader of Egypt the following year, winning election to the presidency in a landslide victory described by EU observers as free but not necessarily fair. President Putin announced that an agreement has been reached to increase Egypt's supply of agricultural goods to Russia by 30 percent while his country will provide Egypt with 5 to 5.5 million tons of wheat. RwandaTV Recommended for … The insurgency began after the start of the Egyptian Crisis, which saw the overthrow of longtime Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak in the Egyptian revolution of 2011. Abdel Fattah married women named Entissar in 1977. [63], Cupcakes, chocolate and necklaces bearing the "CC" initials were created, restaurants in Egypt named sandwiches after him, blogs shared his pictures, and columns, op-eds, television shows and interviews discussed the "new idol of the Nile valley" in the Egyptian mainstream media. [115] Standard & Poor's rated Egypt B-minus with a stable outlook and upgraded Egypt's credit rating in November 2013. The crossing at Nitzana is for commercial and tourist traffic only. These numbers indicate a moderate drop from the last poll done in 2014. Abdul Fattah Said Hussein Khalil as-Sisi (bahasa Arab: عبد الفتاح سعيد حسين خليل السيسي ‎, ‘Abd al-Fattāḥ Sa‘īd Ḥusayn Khalīl al-Sīsī, IPA: [ʕæbdel.fætˈtæːħ sæˈʕiːd ħeˈseːn xæˈliːl esˈsiːsi]), (lahir 19 November 1954; umur 66 tahun) adalah Presiden Mesir saat ini. Deadly clashes such as Rabaa massacre continued for several days, with three particularly bloody incidents being described by Muslim Brotherhood officials as "massacres" perpetrated by security forces. [167], Relations between Egypt and Turkey deteriorated significantly after Morsi's ouster. De politicus is anno 2020 bekend van President of Egypt. Morsi deemed the decree necessary to protect the elected constituent assembly from a planned dissolution by judges appointed during the Mubarak era. Also in September 2013, the interim government removed pre-trial detention limits for certain crimes, allowing unconvicted political dissidents to remain in detention indefinitely. El-Sisi disputed this opinion; he and others were critical of decisions made in Iraq and Libya. By Anas al-Tikriti. The project cost around 60 billion Egyptian-pounds ($8.4 billion) and was fast-tracked over a year. President Sisi defended the decision to raise fuel prices, saying it was "bitter medicine" that should have been taken before and was "50 years late" but was not taken, as governments feared a backlash like the Bread Riots of 1977. Although he was never in active combat, three wars between Egypt and Israel broke out during his lifetime. Abdel Fatah al-Sisi MSC 2019 (cropped).jpg 1,944 × 2,589; 2.9 MB [143] Shortly before Sisi arrived in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea to participate in the 23rd ordinary session of the African Union summit where he gave his speech blaming the AU for freezing Egypt's membership a year before. During the month of Ramadan, prime minister Hazem al-Beblawy threatened to disperse the ongoing Pro-Morsi sit-ins in Rabaa al-Adaweya square and al-Nahda square. 218 relations. [137], In August 2014, Egypt's Baseera, the Centre for Public Opinion Research, said in a poll result that only eight percent of the sample were unhappy with El-Sisi's performance and ten percent of the sample said they could not identify their position. Upon graduating from the military academy in 1977, el-Sisi married his maternal cousin Entissar Amer. Sisi was born in Old Cairo on 19 November 1954, [23] to parents Said Hussein Khalili al-Sisi and Soad Mohamed. Pakistan army says soldier killed by Indian shelling in Kashmir, Ethiopian military ‘kills 42 people involved in deadly attack’, In Pictures: Struggling to bury COVID victims in northern Iran, ‘Blood cheaper than water’: Outrage over Trump Blackwater pardons, Israel says Pakistan not among states it may have ties with, Trump warns Iran after rocket attack on US embassy in Baghdad, Trump vetoes $740bn annual US defence bill, On cusp of Brexit trade deal, EU and UK hash out final details, Al Jazeera Centre for Public Liberties & Human Rights. [113]. He remained in office under the new government formed after the deposition of Morsi, and led by Hazem al-Beblawi. Turkish Minister for European Affairs, Egemen Bagis, also called for the UN Security Council to "take action" in Egypt. The army then installed Adly Mansour as the interim head of state in his place until a new president could be elected, and ordered the arrest of many members of the Muslim Brotherhood on charges of "inciting violence and disturbing general security and peace." El-Sisi also announced the establishment of an Egyptian partnership agency for Africa's development. [94] Sisi also ordered the ministry of finance to enforce rules on maximum wages estimated at 42,000 EGP ($5,873) per month. The name of his father was Hassan El sisi, Bazaar shop owner. [144] He also concluded the tour with a few hours' visit to Sudan. 218 relations. Mohamed Mohamed Morsi Issa Al-Ayyat was an Egyptian politician and engineer who served as the fifth President of Egypt, from 30 June 2012 to 3 July 2013, when General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi removed him from office in a coup d'état after protests in June. In Kairo und anderen Städten demonstrierten Hunderte Regierungskritiker gegen Präsident Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. Who exactly is General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi? He is currently the leader of the Egyptian Popular Current and a co-leader of the National Salvation Front. Abdel Fattah Saeed Hussein Khalil el-Sisi (عبد الفتاح سعيد حسين خليل السيسي,; born 19 November 1954) is an Egyptian politician who is the current sixth President of Egypt, in office since 2014. [112] By March 2015 after 8 months of Sisi's rule, Egypt's external debt fell to $39.9 billion, a drop of 13.5 percent. Egypt's foreign ministry accused Erdogan of provocation and interfering in Egypt's internal affairs. There were only two candidates, former Egyptian defence minister Abdel Fattah el-Sisi and Egyptian Popular Current candidate Hamdeen Sabahi. It has become the way Abdel Fattah el-Sisi rules. Abdel Fattah was born on November 19th in 1954 in Cairo Egypt. [64] [65] [66] [67] On 6 December 2013, el-Sisi was named "Time Person of the Year" in Time magazine's annual reader poll. Abdel Fattah Saeed Hussein Khalil el-Sisi (Arabic : عبد الفتاح سعيد حسين خليل السيسي‎ʿAbdel-Fattāḥ Saʿīd Ḥesēn Khalīl es-SīsiEgyptian Arabic:  [ʕæbdel.fætˈtæːħ sæˈʕiːd ħeˈseːn xæˈliːl ɪsˈsiːsi] ; born 19 November 1954) is an Egyptian politician who is the sixth and current President of Egypt, former Director of Military Intelligence, former Minister of Defence, and former General. Jetzt lesen und anschauen Abdel Fattah Saeed Hussein Khalil el-Sisi (Arabic: On 6 February 2014, the Kuwaiti newspaper al-Seyassah claimed that el-Sisi would run for president, saying that he had to meet the wishes of the Egyptian people for him to run. Abdel Fattah El-sisi Family, Childhood, Life Achievements, Facts, Wiki and Bio of 2017. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. Media in category "Abdel Fattah el-Sisi" The following 3 files are in this category, out of 3 total. The reason attributed to senior United Arab Emirates government officials is that they saw Mahmoud's role as "damaging to the president". View the profiles of people named Abdel Fattah Al Sisi. Abdel Fattah married women named Entissar in 1977 He made his 8700 million dollar fortune with President of Egypt. Abd al-Fattah Said Husain Chalil as-Sisi (arabisch عبد الفتاح سعيد حسين خليل السيسي, DMG Ê¿Abd al-Fattāḥ SaÊ¿Ä«d Ḥusain ḪalÄ«l as-SÄ«sÄ«; * 19. Il est décrit à la fois comme « nationaliste et conservateur », mais « soucieux de préserver la stabilité de son pays et son alliance stratégique avec le… [209], According to Sherifa Zuhur, a professor at the War College, when el-Sisi attended, many American officers expressed doubts that Muslims could be democratic. [112] Energy contracts were placed as a top priority in the Egypt Economic Development Conference in March 2015, resulting in a $9 billion contract with Siemens to supply gas and wind power plants to boost the country's electricity generation by 50 percent, [123] in addition to an energy deal worth $12 billion (LE91.5 billion) with BP to provide the country with an extra quarter of local energy production. In the long-term, Egypt paid more than $6 billion it owed to foreign oil companies between January and March. In his paper, he argues in favour of democracy based on its past successes. General Command and Staff Course, Egyptian Command and Staff College, 1987; War Course, Fellowship of the Higher War College, Commander, 509th Mechanized Infantry Battalion, Chief of Staff, 134th Mechanized Infantry Brigade, Commander, 16th Mechanized Infantry Brigade, Chief of Staff, 2nd Mechanized Infantry Division, Deputy Director, Military Intelligence and Reconnaissance Department, Director, Military Intelligence and Reconnaissance Department, Silver Jubilee of Liberation of Sinai Medal (2007), Golden Jubilee of 23 July 1952 Revolution (2002), Silver Jubilee of October War 1973 Medal (1998). [203], On 20 November 2019, two GIS officials interviewed by Mada Masr stated that Mahmoud was to be shifted from GIS to the Military Intelligence agency and assigned to a diplomatic position in Moscow in 2020. Egypt also hosted the international donor conference in Cairo aiming to raise 4 billion (3.2 billion euros) to reconstruct the Gaza Strip. [180], In April 2016, King Salman of Saudi Arabia made a five-day visit to Egypt, during which the two countries signed economic agreements worth approximately $25 billion and also made an agreement to "return" Tiran and Sanafir, two Egyptian-administered islands in the Gulf of Aqaba, to Saudi control. The party was banned and dissolved in 2014; however, it continues to function underground. The interim government cracked down on the Muslim Brotherhood and its Islamist supporters in the months that followed, and later on certain liberal opponents of the post-Morsi administration. El-Sisi commented on the relationship between the Egyptian army and Egyptian people, saying that it is hard to break. A day following the tour, President Abdel Fattah El Sisi headed to South Sudanese capital Juba to meet with counterpart Salva Kiir. Although el-Sisi promised to guarantee freedom of expression, the military-backed interim government went on to outlaw all activities and organisations related to the former president’s party, the Muslim Brotherhood, and embarked on a campaign of arresting and silencing its supporters. The 2013 Egyptian coup d'état took place on 3 July 2013. In 1992, Sisi trained at the Joint Services Command and Staff College in the United Kingdom, and then in 2006 trained at the United States Army War College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Hassan Abdel-Fattah Mahmoud Al-Mahsiri (Arabic: حسن عبد الفتاح محمود المحسيري ‎) is a Jordanian footballer of Palestinian descent. Soon afterwards, the Egyptian Army issued a 48-hour ultimatum which aired on television that gave the country's political parties until 3 July to meet the demands of the anti-Morsi demonstrators. In 2012, elected President Mohamed Morsi appointed el-Sisi as minister of defence and commander-in-chief of the armed forces. [93] Sisi also formed the advisory council of Egypt's scientists and experts to advise him on national projects. ve anne(?) Sisi made Russia his first destination abroad as defence minister after being promoted to the rank of Field Marshal where he met with the Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Russian Minister of Defence General Sergey Shoygu to negotiate an arms deal with Russia instead of the United States. This is the story of a field marshal turned president: Upbringing. They were married upon Sisi's graduation from the Egyptian Military Academy in 1977. [69], The "Kamel Gemilak" (Finish Your Favor) and "El-Sisi for President" campaigns were started to gather signatures to press el-Sisi, who had said he had no desire to govern, to run for presidency. Complete Abdel Fattah El-sisi 2017 Biography. meet the demands of the people,” or call for early elections. Name: Abdel Fattah Saeed Hussein Khalil El-Sisi Birth Date: November 19, 1954 Birth Place: El-Gamaleya, Cairo, Egypt Marital Status: Married Spouse: Entissar Ahmed Amer Children: Moustafa, Mahmoud, Hassan and Aya Mahmoud al-Sisi, President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s son and a senior official in the powerful General Intelligence Service (GIS), is being reassigned to a long-term position at Egypt’s diplomatic delegation in Moscow, according to multiple sources, including … The name of his father was Hassan El sisi, Bazaar shop owner. Abdel Fattah al-Sissi : le général qui défie Morsi - Duration: 1:55. euronews ... Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi visits Rwanda - Duration: 27:54. [101], According to Human Rights Watch, Sisi's government used torture and enforced disappearances against his political opponents and criminal suspects. [118], Considered its worst in decades, Egypt's energy crisis that helped inflame the protests against former president Mohamed Morsi [119] continued to grow in Sisi's first months in office, challenging the new government. After Sisi had ousted president Morsi and disbanded the Shura Council, in September 2013 interim president Adly Mansour temporarily decreed that ministers could award contracts without a request for tender. On 26 March 2014, in response to calls from supporters to run for presidency, Sisi retired from his military career, announcing that he would run as a candidate in the 2014 presidential election. [148] Sisi has been described by The Economist as "the most pro-Israeli Egyptian leader ever." [110] Sisi, who had previously accepted only half of his own pay, called on Egyptians to make sacrifices, vowing to repair an economy growing at the slowest pace in two decades. [185]. The Supreme Constitutional Court froze that ruling and allowed Sisi to ratify the deal with Saudi Arabia, making these two islands included in Mohammed Bin Salman's NEOM megacity. However, the statement was interpreted by Morsi supporters as a warning to Morsi opponents that el-Sisi would not allow an overthrow of the government. In the short-term, Egypt signed a contract with General Electric (GE) to provide the country with 2.6 gigawatts by the summer of 2015. The two countries' borders also meet at the shoreline of the Gulf of Aqaba in the Red Sea. He made his 8700 million dollar fortune with President of Egypt. [83] On 21 January 2014, Kamel Gemilak organised a mass conference call in Cairo International Stadium to call on el-Sisi to run for president. Décorations Égyptiennes. The Egyptian military also threatened to intervene if the dispute was not resolved by then. [27]. Reuters. [9] [10] [7] [11] [12] In the non-democratic 2018 presidential election, Sisi faced only nominal opposition (a pro-government supporter, Moussa Mostafa Moussa) after the military arrest of Sami Anan and his enforced disappearance afterwards, [13] [14] [15] [16] threats made to Ahmed Shafik with old corruption charges and an alleged sex tape, [17] [18] [19] and the withdrawal of Khaled Ali and Mohamed Anwar El-Sadat due to the overwhelming obstacles and violations made by the elections committee. El-Sisi was publicly criticised for defending “virginity tests” carried out on female protesters during the revolution, which he said were conducted to “protect girls from rape as well as the army from possible allegations”. Amid calls for President Morsi to step down, el-Sisi issued a 48-hour ultimatum for the president to “meet the demands of the people,” or call for early elections. After the ceremony at Heliopolis Palace, Sisi moved to Koubbeh Palace, where the final ceremony was held and where Sisi gave the final speech of the day in front of 1,200 attendees representing different spectra of the Egyptian people and the provinces of Egypt. [43] While supporters interpreted this to mean that el-Sisi felt the need of the people to prove to the world that it was not a coup but the popular will, the statement was seen by opponents as contradicting the military's pledges to hand over power to civilians after removing Morsi and as indicating an imminent crackdown against Islamists. Egyptian army chief General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi led a coalition to remove the President of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi, from power and suspended the Egyptian constitution of 2012. Also reported is commander of the 23rd Mechanized Division, Third Field Army. [56], On 3 August 2013, el-Sisi gave his first interview since the overthrow of President Mohamed Morsi. [108] Egypt has spent $96 billion on energy subsidies in a decade which made petrol in Egypt among the world's cheapest. In November 2013, Egypt told the Turkish ambassador to leave the country, a day after Erdoğan called for Morsi to be freed. [214] Zuhur also had the impression that el-Sisi supported a gradual move towards pluralism. The name of his father was Hassan El sisi, Bazaar shop owner. "Analysis: Trump presidency heralds new era of US-Egypt ties ". Although the Egyptian government has good relationships with Israel since the Camp David Accords, Egyptians strongly resent the Israeli occupation.

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