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1 Episode (2007), Kaj-Erik Eriksen Conoce a todos los personajes de The Closer y a los actores que los interpretan. 1 Episode (2008), Kelvin Yu Keith Reyes See more. Laura Mayhan Dr. Crippen Tara Latimer 1 Episode (2007), Scott Klace Enrique Santos 1 Episode (2008), Gil Garcetti Sam Osgood Dean Murphy 1 Episode (2006), Silas Weir Mitchell 10 Episodes (2006-2011), Hunt Baldwin Father Donahue Doris Osgood Commandante Vasquez Jason Hetber Carlos Torres 1 Episode (2009), Paul McCrane Det. Deputy DA Garnett, Martin Garnett Dep. Retrouvez tous les épisodes de la saison 1 de la série TV The Closer : L.A. enquêtes prioritaires ainsi que les news, personnages, photos et indiscrétions de tournage. Download the TV Guide app for iPhone, iPad and Android! 1 Episode (2011), Lombardo Boyar Mrs. Sara Dobson The series centers on the officers of the LAPD's Priority Murder Squad (season 1), renamed Priority Homicide Division (seasons 1-4), then renamed the Major Crimes Division (seasons 4-7). 2 Episodes (2005-2010), Matt Earl Beesley 1 Episode (2009), Sam Behrens Chad Bailey Jim Hanson Mr. Delaney 1 Episode (2009), Elaine Kao Kristin Shafer Mr. Evans 1 Episode (2008), Brian Goodman 1 Episode (2009), Kevin Rankin 1 Episode (2007), Michael Rady Miguel Garza Ms. Patterson 2 Episodes (2007-2007), Amy Sedaris 1 Episode (2009), Xander Berkeley Charlie Her innate ability to read people and obtain confessions helps her and her team solve the city's toughest, most sensitive cases. He tried harder to work as part of a team and apologised nicely to Rider when he failed. Herself 111 Episodes (2005-2012), J.K. Simmons 99 Episodes (2005-2012), Raymond Cruz 1 Episode (2009), Jack Blessing 111 Episodes (2005-2012), Michael M. Robin Kim Reynolds Sharon Raydor). 1 Episode (2008), Daniel Zacapa Valerie Henry Chief Brenda Johnson Det. Adrien Beck Dean Slad 4 Episodes (2008-2011), David McWhirter 1 Episode (2008), Bruce Davison Ricardo Ramos 1 Episode (2009), Katherine Boecher Add to Cart. Kathy Tao 1 Episode (2008), Bob Glouberman 1 Episode (2011), Robert Rusler Closer definition, a person or thing that closes: a door with a mechanical closer. D&D Beyond The series was created by James Duff and produced by The Shephard/Robin Company and Warner Bros. Television.It aired on TNT on Monday evenings at 9:00 pm and ran for seven seasons, totalling 109 episodes. 2 Episodes (2007-2009), Michael Wiseman Kim Reichter Himself Mary Summers Arrivée fraichement à la tête de la brigade des enquêtes prioritaires, Brenda est confrontée à une équipe qui ne l'accueil pas avec les bras ouverts. 1 Episode (2007), Michael Robin Ce personnage secondaire apparait... En 2019, Corey Reynolds, l'interprète du Sergent Gabriel dans The Closer, a rejoint la distribution de la deuxième saison de All American, afin de jouer Cliff Mosley. 1 Episode (2010), Scottie Thompson Agent Jerry Moore 1 Episode (2005), Amy Aquino 3 Episodes (2006-2010), James Patrick Stuart 8 Episodes (2009-2012), Arvin Brown Det. Closer opened at London’s Royal National Theatre in 1997 won the Olivier award that year for Best New Play. 1 Episode (2008), Jenny O'Hara Dan Frye Pages dans la catégorie « Personnage de The Closer : L.A. enquêtes prioritaires » Cette catégorie contient la page suivante. Sally Redfine Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office,, Lists of American crime television series characters, Lists of American drama television series characters, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, LAPD Assistant Chief for Operations (Seasons 1–6), LAPD Captain, Force Investigation Division, This page was last edited on 15 July 2020, at 17:00. Nicholas Carey 3 Episodes (2011-2012), Gloria Muzio 1 Episode (2008), Vanessa Marano 1 Episode (2007), Tom Skerritt 1 Episode (2009), Deborah Lacey 1 Episode (2008), Amy Hathaway 4 Episodes (2009-2012), Leo Geter 1 Episode (2009), Elizabeth Perkins The Closer is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. 1 Episode (2009), Beverly Todd The Closer: Season 7 79% Critics Consensus: The Closer ends with a bang: there's a quick pace, characters to love, a compelling arc, and Kyra Sedgwick's incredible performance. But as a series finale for The Closer… Ed Crawford The Closer closed its seven-season run on Monday night with what was, for the TNT drama, a fine enough episode. 1 Episode (2007), Rob Brownstein 111 Episodes (2005-2012), Brian J. Reynolds The rather large character ensemble explores the human condition, touching on individual faiths, traditional religious influences in the lives and communities of contemporary society, and the breakdown and dysfunction of family systems, work teaming, and gov… 1 Episode (2009), Lesli Glatter Fernando Soto Michelle Morgan Todos los capítulos de The Closer. 1 Episode (2008), Jillian Armenante 1 Episode (2009), Debra Monk Tiffany Lewis 1 Episode (2007), Richard Fancy 1 Episode (2009), Myk Watford 2 Episodes (2006-2011), Hunt Baldwin 110 Episodes (2005-2012), Michael M. Robin 1 Episode (2006), Rick Kellard Vago Anita Casey 2 Episodes (2009-2009), Dominick Dunne 77 Episodes (2007-2012), Mary McDonnell 1 Episode (2008), Steve Tom Andrea Hobbs 1 Episode (2007), Michael Woods 1 Episode (2007), Lori Alan Here's where to catch all your holiday favorites this year, Despite the chaos of 2020, television offered a plethora of outstanding episodes to keep us entertained. 1 Episode (2007), Bobby Hosea Looking to watch The Closer? Katie Ortega 1 Episode (2008), Lee Reherman 1 Episode (2007), Carlos Sanz Kathy Reichter David Gabriel 1 Episode (2007), Ken Howard 1 Episode (2009), Guillermo Diaz Andrews Erica Carr Davis Mayhan 2 Episodes (2007-2007), Patti Yasutake Find out where The Closer is streaming, if The Closer is on Netflix, and get news and updates, on Decider. Shirley Adams 1 Episode (2007), David Kelsey 1 Episode (2010), Curtis Armstrong Hendrix 1 Episode (2007), Miguel Sandoval Episode Recap The Closer on 1 Episode (2007), Kim Delgado 1 Episode (2008), Patricia Rae 2 Episodes (2009-2009), Lillian Lehman Javier DeLeon 65 Episodes (2005-2009), Frances Sternhagen 1 Episode (2007), Georgina Cates Danny Jones Father Jack, Father Jack Shaw Gina Ravera Det. 1 Episode (2009), Larry King 1 Episode (2007), Jennifer Coolidge 1 Episode (2009), Beau Bridges Mrs. McFadden The series starred Kyra Sedgwick as Los Angeles police detective Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson. Todas tus series en FormulaTV. 1 Episode (2006), Roger Wolfson © 2020 TV GUIDE, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Court Clerk 1 Episode (2007), Edith Fields Claire Howard 2 Episodes (2009-2010), Michael Alaimo Vince Kemble 17 Episodes (2006-2012), Barry Corbin Miguel Torres Irene Daniels 65 Episodes (2005-2009) Guest … 1 Episode (2009), Currie Graham 99 Episodes (2005-2012), Phillip P. Keene While looking at him, a taxi hits her. Benjamin Masters 1 Episode (2007), Sandra Nelson 1 Episode (2009), Loren Lester Teddy Gretchner 1 Episode (2008), Brad Rowe Lauren Clark Robin Milano Sam Linsky 111 Episodes (2005-2012), Corey Reynolds Tourist The Closer is an American television police procedural starring Kyra Sedgwick as Brenda Leigh Johnson, a Los Angeles Police Department deputy chief. Originally from Atlanta, the junk-food-loving Southern belle is a CIA-trained interrogator who's an expert at obtaining confessions that lead to convictions. 1 Episode (2009), Dohn Norwood 1 Episode (2005), Brian Krause 1 Episode (2011), Jason O'Mara 1 Episode (2005), Craig Zisk Curt Landry 1 Episode (2009), Larry Clark 2 Episodes (2005-2010), Anthony Hemingway 1 Episode (2009), Dan Donohue User rating, 4.9 out of 5 stars with 18 reviews. 1 Episode (2011), Gary Cole Evan Young Phillip P. Keene Buzz Watson 77 Episodes (2007-2012) Mary McDonnell Capt. Lt. Mike Tao 1 Episode (2009), Kyle Gallner Adam Summers Judge Tiano With Kyra Sedgwick, J.K. Simmons, Corey Reynolds, Robert Gossett. Estelle Pope 111 Episodes (2005-2012), Jon Tenney Michelle Clarke Clay Johnson Sharon Raydor 5 Episodes (2006-2010), Scott Ellis Lt. Det. No te pierdas ningún episodio de The Closer con FormulaTV. 5 Episodes (2007-2009), Roger Young 1 Episode (2009), Drew Seeley 1 Episode (2005), Jesse Bochco 1 Episode (2011), Michelle Clunie 1 Episode (2005), Charlie Haid 9 Episodes (2005-2010), John Coveny 1 Episode (2009), Rod Rowland 1 Episode (2009), John Prosky The series first aired on June 13, 2005. Kenny Woods This is a list of characters from the television series The Closer, which ran from 2005 to 2012 on TNT in the United States. 1 Episode (2009), Alex Veadov Liz 1 Episode (2005), John Wesley Shipp 1 Episode (2005), Jose Pablo Cantillo 16 Episodes (2006-2012), Leo Geter 1 Episode (2009), Joseph Julian Soria 1 Episode (2008), Ray Porter 1 Episode (2007), Geoffrey Rivas 1 Episode (2008), David Taylor 1 Episode (2008), Mario Ardila Jr. 111 Episodes (2005-2012), Kyra Sedgwick Pour The Closer, c’était différent. ', G.W. Dr. Terrence, Terrence She sometimes uses deceit and … 1 Episode (2011), Cynthia Watros 2 Episodes (2007-2007), Megan Hilty Chris Dunlap Beth Gibson Eric Dean Wallace 1 Episode (2008), John Rubinstein 1 Episode (2008), David Hewlett Mrs. Gray Jim Francis 1 Episode (2008), Conan McCarty 1 Episode (2009), Rigo Sanchez Dina Lopez 1 Episode (2005), Hugh Scott 1 Episode (2007), Roxanne Hart Harry seemed a little more mellow. Mr. Gaviota FBI Agent Fritz Howard 111 Episodes (2005-2012), James Duff 1 Episode (2008), Izzy Diaz 1 Episode (2007), Mandy June Turpin Kathy Weber Taylor 111 Episodes (2005-2012), James Duff Ce dernier, violeur et tueur en série, a toujours échappé à la police avec des méthodes très élaborées et des complices touj… Elena Contreras Julio Sanchez FBI Agent Blackburn Callie Rivers Tow Truck Driver Judge Richwood 1 Episode (2008), Zilah Mendoza 2 Episodes (2007-2007), Adam Arkin 10 Episodes (2007-2011), Adam Belanoff 28 Episodes (2009-2012), Gina Ravera This is a list of characters from the television series The Closer, which ran from 2005 to 2012 on TNT in the United States.The series centers on the officers of the LAPD's Priority Murder Squad (season 1), renamed Priority Homicide Division (seasons 1-4), then renamed the Major Crimes Division (seasons 4-7). 1 Episode (2007), Heath Freeman John McFadden Kim Sherman 7 Episodes (2005-2009), Steve Robin 1 Episode (2009), Emily Rios 1 Episode (2009), Annie Corley 1 Episode (2009), Alan Fudge Each episode of The Closer deals with an aspect of the Los Angeles culture as it interfaces with law enforcement in the megacity. Kelvin Blake Susan Monroe 1 Episode (2009), Rusty Joiner The Closer: The Complete Seventh Season [5 Discs] [DVD] SKU: 5975339. Russell Clark 2 Episodes (2007-2007), Bob Clendenin From the creative team behind 'Nip/Tuck. 3 Episodes (2009-2012), S. Epatha Merkerson 2 Episodes (2007-2009), Steven Culp 1 Episode (2009), Lex Medlin 111 Episodes (2005-2012), David A. Harp 11 Episodes (2006-2012), Michael Alaimo 1 Episode (2009), Maggie Wheeler Dep. Choose your Closer, gather your friends or dive in solo, and use your amazing powers to protect Earth, in mankind’s desperate battle against horrific monsters from another dimension! 2 Episodes (2009-2009), Leticia Castillo She possesses the wonderful skill of obtaining confessions by judging people and asking them the right questions. 1 Episode (2008), Michael Arden Ryan Hughes Alice (Natalie Portman), an American stripper who has moved to London, meets Dan (Jude Law) on the street. 1 Episode (2008), Amy Pietz 1 Episode (2009), Bradley Snedeker 1 Episode (2011), Melinda Page Hamilton 1 Episode (2005), Nicole Kassell 1 Episode (2009), Marcella Lentz-Pope Ranski Jonathan Shafer 1 Episode (2005), Tawnia McKiernan Peter Benjamin 1 Episode (2011), Lee Tergesen 1 Episode (2008), Jackie Tohn Trisha Masters Photo Credits: NBC; Amazon/Netflix/HBO/FX; Netflix; Anthony Roman; Apple TV+; HBO, 16 Books to Read Before Their Show and Film Adaptations Drop In 2021, The Bachelorette Finale Recap: Tayshia Gets Her Rom-Com Ending, What to Watch on Netflix Top 10 Rankings on December 23, The Best Christmas and Holiday Movies on Amazon Prime Video, The Best Christmas and Holiday Movies on HBO and HBO Max, The Best Christmas and Holiday Movies and TV Shows on Netflix, The Best Christmas and Holiday Movies on Hulu. Pastor Paul Hicks Kenyon Richards 1 Episode (2007), Paul Michael Glaser 2 Episodes (2007-2011), Adam Belanoff 1 Episode (2009), Cameron Goodman 1 Episode (2009), Brendan Wayne Kevin Ward 1 Episode (2008), David Barrera She leads a special LAPD unit that solves high-profile murder cases, with her supervisor being an ex-lover of hers. Many of these characters reappeared in the spin-off series Major Crimes. Scott Mason Andy Flynn 1 Episode (2007), Shannon O'Hurley Alonso Garcia 1 Episode (2008), Steve Braun Dr. Donna Taft 5 Episodes (2008-2009), Sosie Bacon 1 Episode (2009), Jeremy Ray Valdez 1 Episode (2007), James Avery The Closer (TV Series 2005–2012) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Det. Irene Daniels Originally a CIA-trained detective from Atlanta, Georgia, Brenda has a reputation as a closer—an interrogator who not only solves a case, but also obtains confessions that lead to convictions, thus "closing" the case. Deputy Police Chief Brenda Johnson runs the Priority Homicide Division of the LAPD with an unorthodox style. Mr. Gooding 1 Episode (2009), Daniel Baldwin A strong, quirky woman leads an elite Los Angeles crime unit that tackles high-profile cases. 1 Episode (2007), Moe Daniels Lauren Det. Dr. Leonard James Clark 1 Episode (2007), Helen Tucker Mikki Mendoza Brian Monroe 1 Episode (2009), Jeffrey Markle Mark Yates Watch The Closer episodes, get episode information, recaps and more. Another enjoyable outing with Harry Bosch - 400 and something pages just zoomed past:) This book was a little slower than some of the earlier ones but I always enjoy police procedurals so it was okay with me. Alex Serabian Chief of Police Tommy Delk, Chief Tommy Delk 1 Episode (2008), Raymond Ma 2 Episodes (2007-2011), John Coveny Here you fint both the broadcast episodes as the next episodes. 1 Episode (2009), Debrah Farentino Todd West Willie Ray Johnson Det. Stomper 7 Episodes (2008-2009), Ransford Doherty 1 Episode (2009), Graham Patrick Martin 1 Episode (2009), Mercedes Masöhn 1 Episode (2008), Jason Brooks Andrew Raber Com. 7 Episodes (2006-2011), Elodie Keene 1 Episode (2007), Loretta Sanchez Heather Roy 4 Episodes (2009-2009), Billy Burke 1 Episode (2011), Francis Capra The Christmas House, sorti le mois dernier, est le premier film de Noël de la chaîne américaine Hallmark à faire figurer un couple gay dans les rôles principaux.Le personnage de Jonathan Bennett, Brandon, et son mari Jake, joué par Brad Harder, tentent d'adopter un enfant. Karen Silva Dr. Dennis Blaire 1 Episode (2008), Lauren Bowles Capt. The Closer is an American television series of the procedural crime drama genre. 1 Episode (2008), Jamie McShane 1 Episode (2007), Joyce Guy 111 Episodes (2005-2012), Robert Gossett FBI Agent Horlacher Ren-Di Chen 4 Episodes (2005-2006), Jim Leonard 1 Episode (2012), Greg Yaitanes 1 Episode (2008), James Jordan Bill Hawthorn 1 Episode (2009), Tim deZarn The show deals with complex and subtle issues of public policy, ethics, personal integrity, and questions of good and evil. $27.99 Your price for this item is $27.99. Dr. Dioli, Dr. Rebecca Dioli Ross K9 Officer Jake Burrell 2 Episodes (2007-2007), Mark Rolston 1 Episode (2009), Tonya Pinkins Mrs. Evans Watch her run the Priority Homicide Division of the LAPD with an unorthodox style. Greg Lewis Philip Stroh, Phillip Stroh Rosalie Romero 1 Episode (2009), Rosie Garcia Rosa DeLeon 1 Episode (2012), Brando Eaton Ally Mitchell The Closer: The Complete Second Season [4 Discs] [DVD] SKU: 8333074. 3 Episodes (2009-2010), Courtney B. Vance Det. 1 Episode (2009), Molly Hagan Start your 48-hour free trial to unlock this Closer study guide. Police Chief Will Pope

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